The Trouble & The Beauty

The trouble (and the beauty) of being single at this age is that I am me; idiosyncratically, unapologetically and to some extent inflexibly. 

I am me now. This is my person. I built her. I like her. I am proud of her. 

I refuse to smooth her down. To simplify her. To take away from her. To make her uncomplicated, is to break little bits off of her. 

I refuse to settle her. To make her accept less. To love someone who only appreciates pieces of her. I refuse to make her be only one version of herself. 

I can’t hold her when she is lonely. Or stand beside her when she is scared. I can’t take away the pain or fill the void of a man. But I can write to her and remind her; her incompatibility does not define her. I can love her, accept her and tell her, yes she can. I can make her feel beautiful everyday. I can look back at her naked, unfiltered face, approvingly. I can smile at her, without criticism, without something to say.  

By, Wildcaught Word

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