love is a crazy thing

Tinder, Tacos & Tequila [Poetic Commentary]

img_0759Stuck in a vapid dating scene, fueled by tinder, tacos and tequila; existing solely through text; a place where negative fucks are the norm and ghosting replaces goodbye; where things are abruptly over (even though everything was “fine”); where people push each other away without even knowing why; where everyone is broken; where no one wants to try; where everyone is scared, hurt or full of lies; where even that special mix of chemistry, vibe and butterflies (which used to be a sure thing), is now a waste of time, caught for nothing feelings leading to a dead end; where closure is scrolling up and writing things you never send. Β By @wildcaughtword

img_0739written by, wildcaughtword

love crimes

Β©all photos and writing original, by, wildcaughtword| do not use without permission | follow me on IG @wildcaughtword

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