So I received the advance notice that my domain will be up for renewal soon and I can’t believe it has almost been a year! 

My feelings are split. On one hand I am so happy – I feel more fullfilled and inspired with writing back in my life. I feel like I am being more true to myself and following my passion. I am proud of the creations I am putting out into the universe. It just feels good. 

But I am also a little disappointed. I definitely thought there would be more dialog, more conversations, more interactions. I went into it with a “if you build it, they will come” mentality, that if I put the work in and was true to my voice, people would connect with it. I was confident that through sharing and putting so much of myself out there that there would be more coming back. “What you are seeking is seeking you” kind of thing. I thought I’d connect with more writers and more readers. I felt like there must be plenty of other single, 30somethings, caught between wanderlust and responsibility, between finding a husband and hoelife, between adulting and turnt-up-tuesdays. Maybe even other single moms who are great moms but don’t have a REAL “mom friend” because they don’t have a anything in common with other moms (besides the fact that a person also came out of their pussy)… Or is that really just me? 

My girls. 

Where are you. 

Lets talk poetry and shit.


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5 thoughts on “Reflections

    1. Hey James, great question… 🤔 I suppose I could have opened or provoked more conversation myself? Tried to engage readers more? Maybe I was lazy or naive by thinking “it will just happen organically” and by not wanting to force anything. I went into this just 100% doing me and trying to not allow myself to overthink what “people would think” so in trying to shut down my insecurity and get over my fear of writing publicly .. I might have been too timid on seeking engagement? But I’m still new and learning too 🤷🏼‍♀️

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      1. The research that I have done has led me to believe that I need to go out in read people’s posts/blogs and interact with them that way! If they visit my blog/post, GREAT. If not, you made a connection and that’s worth it itself! The past two days (maybe like 5-6 posts) I have been reading and commenting on people’s post. In the midst of talking to people, I’ve also learned a lot about the places people have been and about the person themselves!

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